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Rebuilding Together is a national non-profit that helps veterans, the elderly, and other vulnerable demographics renovate and maintain their homes. They needed a team to serve as their marketing arm for design and development projects. Rebuilding Together, while a modern and effective non-profit, also had inconsistencies across their brand both online and off. This was due to the large number of diverse members and groups who work for them across the country.


To exist as a design partner for Rebuilding Together when they needed branding, design or development work. A key part of this relationship was understanding and being able to work collaboratively with all of the stake holders at Rebuilding Together. Additionally, we looked for new ways and channels to spread the message of Rebuilding Together, such as Google’s Non-profit grants for Adwords.


Over the years, as the partnership developed, we have created everything from micro-sites to brochures to digital display ads. Through our partnership with Rebuilding Together, we had the opportunity to do work for Sears, Crate & Barrel and Better Homes and Gardens.

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